Excellence is obtainable for all of us – no matter what gender, nationality, age or level of education.

Life is a supernatural experience that we must nurture and strengthen if we want to fly beyond our dreams. So how do we go about experiencing our excellence, as mysterious as it is, within our daily routines? Here are some thoughts that might help you reach a higher plan of existence:

Teach yourself to stay away from the judgmental and overly critical analysis of others. It doesn’t add meaning to anything. When you forgive others, you’re actually empowering yourself, because we pass the negativity trap within our minds.

Become aware.
We all get lost in our daily routines that we inaccurately call “reality,” that we forget who we really are. Wake up! You’re not some insignificant mass of thinking meat, so there’s no reason for you to do the same things over and over again when you can break your mental chains, think beyond it, and see the universal picture. In layman’s terms, awake from your slumber and relink with the grand design.

Express your emotions.
Our human emotions let you live a deep and dimensional life. Without disparity, life would be meaningless. Even your negative experiences can turn into beautiful moments when consciously experienced. Express what you’re feeling and pour it all out. Only then will you be able to transform into something much greater.

Be authentic.
Be yourself because there’s no authenticity in being everyone else. You never have to worry about the outer self when the inner self is beyond art and science. You can experience and emit excellence only by being yourself. Plus, working at being in the moment and being authentic will unlock all the hidden secrets within your subconscious to make those thoughts appear as subtle opportunities in your life.

Fear of fear.
Your fears shouldn’t get in the way as you continue to move forward. Instead, they should motivate you. Remember, Ninja Bees are not behind you – they’re clustered together in a subconscious psych nest. Once you start playing mental tricks against them and believing in the power of faith, they’ll vanish back into the nothingness from which they came.

Balance real and unreal.
The majority of us get so preoccupied in the world of the real that we become so focused on survival. Both worlds are equally important and finding that flow to balance each other out will let you work on your fundamental cores and fulfill your wildest dreams.

Let your mind float freely.
We are the observers of God’s mind. The physical vessels that we call our bodies are nothing but an extension of thought. Hack into your body, feel the energy you’re producing, and work on making more of it. The more you think about it, the more you’ll remain motivated and the closer you are to it. Take the path that feels most appropriate to you – making music, improving the lives around you, teaching others, exercising, or meditating.

Play like a kid again.
Our perceptions change as we move away from our natural state of playfulness. Now is the time to start playing again. Do it throughout your day. Do it while you’re working on your latest project or task. This will not only expand your awareness, but it will turbocharge your imagination and creativity and recharge you with a spirited energy.

There is meaning to your purpose.
The story of your life is in your purpose. The only question you have to ask yourself is, “What would I live for?” For some it’s their families, their dreams, or some higher being. You must find your calling because it will make you move mountains within you.

Life is about always trying to grasp the thought of it all while in the thought of that thought. The more we go along, the more in tune we become with it, and the more signs we see. This path will show you the way to a hidden plane. Then it’ll make sense, and the joy of life, including every second, becomes everlasting.