If you need to run your company from abroad, you probably need to have a system in place to keep things cool. For one, you need a cell, Internet access, and a working address.
Here are some must-haves to run your business from the road.

Phones are basically used in two different ways: sending and receiving information. Calling an associate from the road is pretty easy since you can buy a phone card and make calls cheaply from any phone. Alternately, if you have Internet access you can make long distance calls with Skype and other VoIP software. But it gets tricky if you want to receive a call.

You can use Skype for both incoming and outgoing calls. If you cant make Skype-to-Skype calls (free to other Skype users), you have the option of a SkypeIn number this will give you a local phone number to give to others who wants to dial a real number. This rings your laptop through Skype.

SkypeIn costs $60 for a full year ($5/month) and includes voicemail. You probably spend a substantial amount of time working on the net so you can take calls for free, but have the option to forward your SkypeIn number to your cell phone (includes certain fees).

You can use Google Voice if you dont love Skype. Google Voice focuses on the American market, they have numerous iPhone users to forward their calls to. You can also keep it on schedule to send calls to voicemail in the wee hours of the morning, so 5am calls avoid a flying pan to the face.

If youre looking for a local connection on the global level, most business people carry an unlocked cell phone that accepts local SIM cards to send/receive calls, which also works as a forwarding number for Skype and Google.

If you only use a phone and voicemail in one spot, checking it can add up in costs and time. Try a voicemail retrieval system that lets you receive your voicemails by email or text.

When I travel, I remember certain businesses that offers free Internet, and I must have it if I am going to spend time there. I know Im not the only guy who needs it to run their business.
You can try using Wi-Fi connections, but you have to boost your ability by using an external USB antenna to expand your range. Check out inSSIDer Wi-Fi Scanner | MetaGeek to find networks at cafes or airports. Besides that I try to plan my trips around Internet access. I like to think when I will work depending on Internet access.

If you travel a lot in one continent or country for a month at a time, I think you should just buy a Sprint wireless connection service. You can use one of their cards to broadcast your own hotspot to connect all of your gadgets.

No matter how hard we try to go paperless, we cant shake it entirely. We can downsize it dramatically, but we have to have a mailing address to send the occasional important documents to. Even if youre traveling most of the time, its not that hard to do.

You can try using a virtual address to handle all of your business needs. Look at USAbox.com mail forwarding - Mail Boxes and Mailing Addresses in USA as an alternative to a mailing address. This service throws away junk mail and forwards the regular mail to you on a monthly basis. You can use it as a legal address for bills, insurance, and taxes.

Make sure your virtual address sends an email of your unopened mail when its delivered. You then decide to recycle, mail it to yourself, or open and scan it for you to view it. A few will even deposit checks into your bank account, and even handling certain legal matters.

Still, these services can be pricey, especially if youre a growing business without a lot of mail. Its a pretty cool service to use if plan on receiving more mail to even out the cost.

I usually try to do everything online and I dont expect to see any really important bills or anything of that nature. If I order something online, my thing is to have it sent to the place Ill be staying in 3 weeks.