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      Must-Have Gadgets for the Business Traveler

      Preparing for a business trip requires a number of things, including you are well-rested and on top of your game, securing and transporting your bags, staying up to date with work and office matters during your trip, and making sure you are professional and cost-effective.

      The following list includes several must haves for the business trip, along with a couple of procedures to keep you aware of your surroundings. It’ll save you time, money, and makes the trip more pleasurable.

      Medical Supplies
      Besides prescription medication, it’s probably a must to bring along a small batch of over-the-counter items if you need them. Aspirin, Benadryl, and anti-itch creams will save your life, especially if you feel the effects of foreign regions.

      Inflatable Pillow
      Carrying a regular pillow with you can be cumbersome and inappropriate, while an inflatable pillow is small and light. And when you’re on a plane, having a place to rest your head before you arrive at your destination is refreshing.

      Outlet Adapter
      If you’re heading to foreign ground, you’ll probably need an adapter to plug your laptop and gadgets into local wall outlets. You can pick an adapter that’s meant for your specific destination, or you can grab the universal adapter set that’s equipped with all the plugs to fit any socket.

      Travel Voltage Converter
      Electrical power around the world varies in voltage. For instance, if you plug in a heater from the states into an outlet in the Outback, you’ll burn your heater and you could start a fire. A lot of electronics are manufactured with adapters to manage unusual voltages, meaning you don’t need a really expensive converter. The bad thing about small appliances is that they don’t have this functionality. If you have to bring power sapping electronics, you’ll most likely need a voltage converter.

      Surge Protector
      Most homes have their own surge protector that protects our precious electronics from receiving a disastrous shock. But we can’t take them with us when we travel, and electrical surges are rampant in a number of foreign countries. Protect your gadgets from power surges by buying a solid surge protector. A couple models plug right into the wall, and smaller ones even work directly with your electronics.

      Sigg Bottles
      When you arrive at your destination, having a Sigg bottle can save you unneeded costs and time throughout your trip, since you don’t have to look for disposable bottles. You can even order custom Sigg bottles branded with your company logo, and hand them out to employees for a little bit of guerrilla marketing.

      Smart Phone
      Thanks to the invention of smart phones and other smart gadgets, your cell phone can function as an e-book reader, digital camera, mp3 player, and GPS locator. It doesn’t matter what type of phone you use, just make sure you don’t pay outrageous roaming prices, long distance charges, and hidden data plan fees. A couple of carriers offer international coverage for an added charge that makes your phone more cost-effective in the long run. Some folks stick to their smart phone for internet use (cheaper and free wifi), and you can carry an unlocked phone with a local SIM card for regional calls. You can try using Skype for phone calls, which is simple to use with your cell phone.

      I know this is pretty obvious, but the point is to determine what kind of laptop you want to take with you. I prefer the Sony Vaio laptops Notebooks - Laptops - Computers Vaio | Sony Style USA | Sony for light work, but there is a wide range of styles you can choose from.

      Portable Drives
      Portable drives are a great way to have that extra sense of security for those important documents; you never know when it might come in handy. I favor the drives you can wear around your neck and stores up to 32GB of data, but anything larger than that is overkill. Try to keep your portable drive separate from your laptop, that way if one is lost or destroyed, you have the other as a backup.

      Wireless Mouse
      I recommend you use a wireless mouse, it increases your overall productivity over your laptop’s touch pad and it’s easy on your wrist. Check out Logitech’s Performance Mouse MX here.

      Additional Large Capacity Battery
      This is for the times when you don’t have access to a reliable power source while abroad. I suggest you buy a large capacity battery for your laptop, or carry a backup, but I like to keep it light and simple.

      24/7 Internet Access
      A lot of business travelers demand free wifi in their hotels so they can stay updated with work. High-end hotels have their own wired connections in the rooms, which tends to be faster and more secure. You should ask the front desk what they are equipped with. Personally, it’s a deal-breaker for me, but it’s really up to your preference.

      Laptop Bag
      The assortment of laptop bags available to you makes your choice a bit complicated. I know the laptop sleeves are light and slim, but they don’t protect your machine if you accidentally bump it, and there’s no room left for adapters, cords, mice, and other accessories. You want something that is acceptable for flights, yet practical enough to hold all of your important accessories.

      If you have a quick trip, it’s still nice to fly with only your carry-on luggage. A couple of airlines will let you carry one bag on the plane, so don’t expect to bring your entire closet with you. Instead, bring smart organizers to keep the dimensions of your luggage to a bare minimum.

      Good Headphones
      Headphones are great for canceling out noises on the flight so you can focus on work or get some shut-eye, while listening to EC Illa or scoping out on-board flicks. Keep the volume at a moderate level, unless you want everybody listening to your sounds. I use this model on a daily basis. Amazon.com: Sony MDR DS6000 - Headphones ( ear-cup ) - wireless - radio - black: Home Audio & Theater

      What are your own requirements for traveling abroad?
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    2. China Import is offline

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      All of the above and,

      Small change in currency of country I want to visit to pay for taxi to city
      Bose - Quiet comfort earphone
      List of emergency numbers written on paper (if cell phone is lost/broken)
      Want To Be An eBay Powerseller?
      This is the Service You Need.

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