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    1. SEOSuperMom is offline

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      Jun 2010
      United States
      United States
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      Moving Your Business From The Real World To The Internet

      With most shoppers using the Internet to find what they want, a business has to have an online presence to maximize sales and to reach a larger market. In the process of setting up a user-friendly website, the marketer must ensure that the user has a pleasant experience.

      Because the market is literally telling the marketer what it is looking for and expects readily available information about products or services, the offline business has no choice but to deliver. The marketer has to diversify the business’s search marketing in such a way that prospects can find it no matter how they search for it.

      Moving a real-world business onto the Internet can be quite challenging. However, done right, it can be exciting, too. A website is essential for any business as it allows the business to market itself across the globe.

      There are at least five major benefits in moving online

      Business Branding
      With a website, the business can establish its image to differentiate itself from the competition. Used effectively, the website helps build credibility with its customers by offering relevant and useful information, visuals of its products, and testimonials in the form of audio and video media.
      Effective Advertising
      When the website is established, there is a wide range of traffic generation methods that can be leveraged to attract targeted traffic and convert them into customers.
      Community Building
      A website is a great tool to build a community around the business. This is facilitated through live chat and a helpline that customers and prospects can use to interact with the business. Some businesses incorporate discussion boards and forums as part of their online presence to enable people with common interests to share views.
      Consumer Education
      One of the biggest benefits of a website is its ability to educate visitors about the business, its team, its history, and its services through useful content that can be tweaked from time to time for relevance. If visitors like what they see, they bookmark the site and keep coming back for more, besides signing up for newsletters and updates.
      Easy Payment Processing
      By installing a shopping cart and reliable payment processing system, a website is the perfect way for customers to shop from the comfort of their own personal computers.
      Going online involves a few basic steps. Here’s a brief description of each.

      Site Hosting

      The business owner must find a dependable web hosting company that’s both reasonably priced and has the necessary features that the business needs. It is best to identify a hosting service that can offer unlimited bandwidth and storage to meet growing needs. Most hosting companies also offer a shopping cart facility that’s convenient.

      Building The Website

      After identifying the web hosting service and deciding on the domain name, the next step is building the website. This can be outsourced to a web designer who can come up with a site design that suits the theme of the business. The website needs to be customized for the business by adding unique content that is updated frequently.

      Payments And Shipping

      The business owner must decide on the modes of payments that can be accepted online along with various shipping options. Courier services make it easy to track shipments once dispatched.

      Once the website is established and begins to see traffic, it can be adjusted according to customer feedback and the business’s growing needs.

      It is best to move a business from the real world to the Internet soon after the business is established as it helps grow a customer base while keeping track of changing trends in the marketplace. It also helps the business stay tuned to what the market wants so that its product offerings can match it.

      Taking a business from the real world to the Internet involves the knowledge of Internet marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization, the importance of content, attracting targeted traffic to the website, key word research, and much more. This also means tracking online shopping trends to know what prospective customers are looking for and giving them what they want. Today’s consumers have unlimited choice in terms of media, and they can choose how they want to receive their marketing messages. Social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, influence customer decisions in a big way.
      Over 150,000 Verified Sources + Deals 95% Off MSRP + Free Website!

    2. shoes is offline

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      Apr 2011
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      Dear Sir/mrs:
      I come from China,We are a trade and export company of brand name sport productions
      our websitehttp://www.shoes256.com)
      my e-mail: *Visible to qualifying WF members only* //shoeszhang@hotmail.com
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      All the products is in good quality with low price . Very fast and safe delivery byEMS. Or TNT .
      We can deliver the shoes of our customers within 24 hours upon receiving the payment.
      and if U are think do business with we,pls send to in this email:
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      wholesale Michael Joseph Jackson shoes, Michael Jackson t-shirts,michael shoes,cd songs
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