Sure, the economy is in a horrible position.

Besides that fact, plenty of us have to feed the kids, operate our business and make a good profit.

One thing I have learned throughout my life is that, even if the economy goes up or down, the principles never change. One of these principles is that even in rough times when we slash expenses, nobody can really stop it. What I mean is that somebody is always buying what others are selling.

In times like this, you need to make damn sure that you are the one that’s selling. Give more value, go that extra marathon. I have begun to live by that principle to create tremendous amounts of value to get things sold. You can surpass your customers’ expectations before you even do it.

The very first thing is to understand this: The things you do today are the seeds you plant for tomorrow. I know this sounds pretty obvious, but a lot of people forget this fact. What I mean is that they see expectations as a special thing that you come across once in your life. Going that extra marathon is an attitude to strive for every damn day. It is a voluntary way of life and when it becomes the foundation in the way you look at life it has the power to change the world.

It is very rare for anyone to go that extra marathon, unless they want to do it on purpose. To do this on purpose means you have to understand expectations in the first place, and you have to realize that it is in no way surprising. It will become really hard when you understand the fact that it takes hard work to do what others see as “that’s good enough.” That’s good enough is something average achieves and average is what the norm is. The problem with this fact is that it’s so damn hard to sell to average.

Understanding how your customers think is the first phase to exceeding their expectations in a progressive way. Their expectations come from their past experiences. As your life changes, your expectations change, too.

To paint a picture on how this happens, let me dig deeper. Let's take a tool that changed the way we work and communicate: voice mail. Before voice mail, when you called a company, you expected to hear a real person on the other end. Voice mail did accomplish something very positive. It gave people the chance to leave a personal message to return their calls at a later time. Voice mail helped to sync up the world in a real-time setting. The power to leave messages gave people a reason to leave a message and the ability to resolve any issue at a later time. Obviously, voice mail exceeded the expectations of business in a unique way and paved the path for outstanding results.

So, if you are concerned about current situations, there are millions of people out there who will buy what you’re selling if you exceed their expectations. Create something positive on their behalf that improves their lives.