In the olden days it is very true that luxury was synonymous with extravagance. Though not considered to be belittling term, it was rather used to have a negative impact, which might be taken for humans unending jealously by the inhabitants. In those days too there were luxury homes. All good and high quality materials were used in such houses. The houses thus built by acquiring a lot of land area had its own purpose and essential needs as well. The best quality materials were used for its long durability as the members use to be more in the houses and it was built with the younger generation in their mindset. The futuristic outlook thus may lead to luxury.

The status that one abides in the society also matters for the same. However we can say that we can never except and accept the president of India living in an ordinary house than in the Rastrapathi Bhavan. This will be more of a natural phenomenon to ask that why a president needs such a big mansion as on the base everyone is a human. This could be asked to ourselves that do we love to live in an ordinary simplified house. The majority of the people will answer a big blatant no as such.

Today the strategy has taken a different turn, as the so called luxury is deliberately introduced in the design though in a mild form ,not only by the Luxury Homes Builder but by other home builders too. Thus it seems like the luxury has become more of a common factor in the newly built homes. The highly expensive light brackets and electronic materials are some of the glimpses of luxury been practiced in a newly built ordinary house too. Thus today beyond been used as a negative word it is something voluntarily called for. The competition between countries was then taken over by the states in the country, further among the society, which all calls for luxury, though not directly but indirectly.