You probably take your employees out on a weekly trip. You buy pizza for the meetings. But whatís the point of the here and there perks if youíre team is miserable in their workspace. Here Iíll be going over some more office perks to shine a light on how you can turn your office into a loving environment.

Keep it clean

Whether its to-do lists or meetings, marketing plans or strategies, we all have a lot of stuff to keep track of. But with a project that needs to be completed, itís frustrating to work in a messy office environment. I know what itís like to work in a cluttered and cramped space. Productivity and motivation can melt down like a Japanese reactor when everyone has their junk laying about. When you want to clean up your space you need to label where everything should be at. This includes: papers, office supplies, layout, energy policy, and time schedules.

Relaxation is paramount

Designing a relaxing working environment is more than just looks. It takes a detailed approach to increase moral with your employees. In todayís age, we lean towards an office based on price, with no attention to all the perks. As a small business owner, you have to see beyond the design and amenities when moving your command center into a new area or remodeling an existing setting. The bucket of dark blue paint and plush carpet the landlord gave you when you signed the lease agreement is great and all, but there are other things you couldíve done to save time and money for your business. In a nutshell, itís going to take a lot more than just a desk and chair Ė its takes cooling, heating, lighting, and proper airflow.

Give everyone a vote

Hold meetings twice a week with your entire team, maybe more depending on your situation. Each month, have one person join the main council for that month. Itíll make everyone feel like theyíre valued. If theyíve been with the company for less than a year, itíll make them feel less obligated to work somewhere else. You should feel that their opinions are just as important as yours are.

Keep it open

It can be a awkward setting for some, but the movement in todayís office world is to embrace collaboration, in whatever form: constant communication, teaching, problem solving and troubleshooting. If you want to do this, make room in your office to give it an open feel, starting with the low light thatís hard to read in. Itís very important to think about the people who want to break away from the office to focus on a project or take a conference call. Creating an open feel only works when people have mutual access to areas where they can work on something in peace. One trend is to set up reservations or have them freely available to whomever. These private offices can be small, but it should be highly useful. They must be equipped with the best lighting, latest phone systems and related technological accessories to make deadlines smoother.

Create a community

Let your teams know that your office welcomes clear and carefree communication, with a strong emphasis on helping each other. See your workplace as a community, and value is the heart of community. There are two kinds of value. The first is: I do this as best as I can for you, and I want the same effort in return. For example, if you work in customer service, loyalty is key. The last kind of value is selflessness. You do something for someone on your team without expecting anything in return. You should randomly help people and without even debating it. This is powerful stuff. When you have the free time, you should automatically think, ďOK, what can I do with this time to help someone out?Ē