Ever wonder why customers loathe salespeople?

They never listen
This is the main reason customers are irritated with salespeople. Too many have neglected what customers have to say, which means they do not handle the problems their customers have said as being a major significance. I remember a moment with a few salespeople I had a couple of years ago. One of them asked me all the right questions to know the answers I seek. However, his rival never acknowledged my responses, and accordingly, his answers didn’t come close to my actual needs. Actually, he was so far off target, I sharply ended the conversation. Time is a priceless commodity and when you never listen, you neglect your prospects.

They talk too much
I laugh when salespeople think that telling an extravagant story is selling. I always see it in different types of environments from independent shops to major retail chains. I believe that your customer should do most of the talking in a sales chat. Most salespeople will automatically think, “If I can’t do all the talking how can I sell?” The point is to let your customer explain enough for you to provide a solution to their specific problem.

They lack knowledge
In today’s age, there is no excuse for a salesperson to fall short describing their products and/or services they sell. Salespeople should speak clearly about the differences between products. I know it’s hectic to keep up with all the technology with dozens of companies introducing new products at growing rates. However, if you do not know your stuff, you are going to lose integrity, and in all probability, the sale. Do yourself a solid and spend the time learning as much as you can, while you can.

They never follow-up
Plenty of salespeople will say anything and never follow-up. This varies from a simple promise to get the necessary information to actually addressing your problem. People will use this as a measurement before they make a final choice. For example, a customer requests for specific information and the sales guy promises to get back to you within x minutes. Time has passed and the customer has grown tired of waiting for the salesperson to return. Since the sale hasn’t been completed, red flags rise in the customer’s mind. After all, if the sales guy is sluggish to reply before the sale is completed, how long will it be after the sale? A customer requests a quote from three companies about a special product or project. All three companies return with a quote but only one goes that extra mile and follows up. Who do you think is going to make the sale?

They never say yes to a no
Just about everyone in sales knows the key to perseverance. However, there is a thin line between perseverance and pestering. It’s good to keep up the pressure after the first no, it is very important to know when to back off. In most cases, the reason a customer says no is they do not know the true value of your product or service or they are not a prospect at all.

Sales can be a firestorm. Stand out from the crowd by not doing any of the above.