Marketing reconnaissance will polish your understanding of what is important to your business, its priorities, impulses, and budgets of your demographic. This insight can move you towards plans that are beneficial for the long-term health of your business.

You can also pay marketing pros, firms, and associations to perform all the extensive research for you. Try using the vast amount of free information to help you:

  • Utilize the latest business trends, marketing tactics, product design, etc. based on your ability to spot upcoming trends and innovations.
  • Create products and/or services with features that your customers demand.
  • Draft marketing campaigns that educates why you’re business is so different.
  • Know your exact positioning within your marketplace as well as the overall value of your business.
  • Customize your approach with new and existing customers.
  • Differentiate your demopgrahic.

Oh yea, don’t’ forget to think about these tactics when you’re working your reconnaissance missions:

Interview your audience

Your customers will divulge information that is highly valuable but at times it will be vague. To dig deeper, ask questions about your marketing tactics, overall value of your business, and how they feel about your product and/or service.

Scout your competition

Experience the quality of their customer service department and product quality by making your own purchases. Use their search functions, read through their product descriptions and watch out for highly rated features. Get in touch with their employees by using their live chat feature, talking to them over the phone, or by sending them an email. After you bought something from them see how quick the order arrives and how well it’s packaged. Compare your findings with your own business models, product selection, site design, and how much value you actually give.

Your knowledge = loyalty

Knowledge of your industry while customizing your product and/or service brings together the casual and professional worlds. A sense of community builds upon your existing value of shopping at your business.
Customer testimonials don’t have to be recorded. They can give your business improvised recommendations or replies via personalized phone messages to friends, written notes, and urgent emails.

Customers will educate you

Reconnaissance is all about testimonials. Your customers will give information that helps you to understand the complexity of the situation that makes your business unique, features that are highly valued by your audience, and problems with a certain department or person.

Keep them coming back

Your niche products will be purchased on a regular basis (birthdays, holidays, pranks, and even corporate giftware).

Use an emotional/mental link

For example, people who love random humor are in love with its creativity, such as establishing a new meme or establishing hipster cred.

How do they experience you?

People are impressed with details and quality of not only your product line but also your usability factor. Your regular line backed up with matching products (e.g., party invites, gift cards, and wedding gags) makes your shop the place for all things niche.