When planned to a tee, a lifelong family business can be an unforgettable experience. Not just for all the family, but also for the people doing business with them. Fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, children can all build a lasting business model.

Naturally, working with family can be a headache, but plenty of people work through it. I talked to a couple of family businesses that are still strong after twelve years and enjoying the challenges of working alongside each other.

They have found the hidden secrets to working with family members and other small businesses; others have found simplicity in hiring other families, and their relation in creating a dedicated company culture. So, here are a few ideas I have noticed to make working with family as peaceful as possible.

Get used to the idea

The younger generation going to school, at first, will not be interested in working for the family business. Give them a couple of years experiencing real life, and let their reflection tell them in their own way what it means to work with family. At first, they will believe a family business is an easy way out of real work, something they can always fall back on. But soon they will understand what a family business could also mean. There are many who have joined their family business and upped its performance, adding a unique angle that their forefathers never did.

Create more from more

After all, with a family business, you’re probably working with something that was built by someone else; the point is to add your own ideas onto what is already working. I know it can be a tough decision for some – making power moves. But it could be something that is missing from your business. Most of the time you and your family know how weak and strong you all are. Since you have that balance, people will understand how great your ideas can be.

Work with other family businesses

Small family businesses are the ones that others are attracted to. Several of the businesses you’ll work with are particular, entrepreneurial companies founded by one person or a family. When you’re all born from the same spirit, you realize it, support it, and create opportunities for it.

Treat all people with respect

With the help of the Internet, one can easily take it global. The opportunities are endless. You can have your product sold to and distributed by major players, but the way you deal with everyone should be like a small business. You can handle your business on a personal level, international or local, and many will come back again and again. This is a perfect way to see how you and others treat other people. When you run a family business, it’s never about the big bucks: it’s about empathy that directly affects you. Your product or service can be started by a group of family members. It should accept any type of feedback; it’s not used for stats to send to headquarters. It’s to understand if the people buying your products and services see your vision and … to guide potential customers to use your products in the way you want them to be used. This is the way you handle business when you’re all a family.

Make it work

When you’re working from a family counsel, the decision process for a business is less complicated. You can make it known to all who do business with you what your goals and limits are. You’re able to react to ideas faster and make them happen. You can have an idea one day and work it in a week or two. That quick process and impact can be very attractive to potential clients – even when something gets in the way. When you’re a small business, you feel the effects of a bad idea quickly and you can turn it around to see it faster next time. In your family business, you don’t run around for out of touch corporate guys. It’s a perk to operate your business separately.

Keep emotions out of it

A family business is guaranteed to have its moments. You have to really focus on controlling your emotions to keep personal vendettas out of business discussions. It can be a hard thing to do because you sit next to the person at the dinner table and then at a business meeting. You have to treat them as a business associate. You must not blur everything together. You must talk to get problematic situations back on track … if you don’t, it can cause major headaches in the future. You have to respect each other and make sure everyone has the same goals. You’re all partners. You receive the same benefits and experience the negativity together.