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      International Trade: The Bi-Annual China Import/Export Fair

      Here’s an excellent opportunity for manufactures and traders to showcase their products and services. The bi-annual China Import/Export Fair, popularly known as the Canton Trade Fair and previously called Chinese Export Commodities Fair, invites such business people to participate in one of the biggest trade fairs in Asia. The fair, which has been taking place since the spring of 1957, is also considered the largest trade fair in the Chinese People’s Republic today. You’ll get to see a diverse selection of products such as building hardware, textiles, consumer goods, electronic appliances, home dcor, and others from around the world. While preserving its traditions, this multi-functional fair is an event that is of international relevance and is well-attended. It prides itself on having a high business turnover. This only goes to confirm the fact that the fair is one of the best and ideal venues to promote your business, while interacting with customers and creating a client base to serve your requirements.


      The China Import/Export Fair is organized by China Foreign Trade Centre, while the People are Government of Guangdong Province and the Chinese People’s Republic Ministry of Commerce co-host the bi-annual event.

      When it is held

      The Canton Fair is held in the seasons of spring and autumn of every year.

      Spring session:
      15th-19th April (Phase 1)
      24th-28th April (Phase 2)
      3rd-7th May (Phase 3)

      Autumn session:
      15th-19th October (Phase 1)
      23rd-27th October 23-27 (Phase 2)
      31st October - 4th November (Phase 3)


      This event is held so that export and import trade is promoted throughout the nation of China as well as around the world. Its primary aim is to flood the international market with Chinese supplies, products, and services. Not just that, but Chinese buyers are now showing a keen interest in purchasing foreign products and importing them to the local markets of China for sale. Another goal for conducting this fair is to create excellent working relationships and friendships with people from around the world as well as exchange business information. Various types of business activities like commodity inspection, transportation, insurance, consultation, advertising, economic and technical co-operations are also carried out at the fair.

      Who Attends?

      The Canton Trade Fair is well attended by thousands of Chinese foreign trade corporations and enterprises. The recent fair saw these corporations being represented by 48 specialist trade delegations, all of which pride themselves on having high credibility and strong financial power. These 48 delegations comprise enterprises that are private or government owned, specialist foreign trade companies, Chinese companies that have a foreign investment backing, numerous factories and producers of bulk Chinese materials. So, if it is wholesale suppliers and wholesale products that you want to locate, this is the place to be.

      Canton fair online

      If you are unable to attend the Canton fair at the physical location, you can do so online. Browse through the fair’s website and access a wide range of services from there. A discussion board on the site gives you the opportunity to interact with like-minded business people. You will also get to meet intermediaries who are eager to help you to locate and handle local Chinese wholesale producers and suppliers.

      Exhibit Profile

      Manufacturers and traders gather at this trade fair to promote products such as decorative hardware, hardware tools and parts, lighting components, machine tool components, machine tool accessories, shoes, corporate gifts, medicine cabinets, office decorative items, electronic components, electronic services, textile products, office bags, and building hardware among others. Mentioned below are the exhibits during Phase I, Phase II and Phase III.

      • Phase I: Large Machinery and Equipment, International Pavilion, Building and Decorative materials, Household Electrical Appliances, Tools, Chemical Products, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Small Machinery, Vehicle Spare Parts, Hardware, Electronic and Electrical Products, Consumer Electronics, Computer and Communication Products, Construction Machinery (Outdoor), Vehicles (Outdoor), Lighting Equipment, Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment.
      • Phase II: Kitchenware & Tableware, Gardening Products, Stone and Iron Products (Outdoor), Watches & Optical Instruments, Clocks, Gifts and Premiums, Toys, Festival Products, Household Items, Rattan and Iron Arts, Glass Artware, Home Decorations, Furniture, Art Ceramics, General Ceramics, Weaving, Personal Care Products, Toiletries.
      • Phase III: Men and Women's Clothes, Underwear, Kids' Wear, Sports and Casual Wear, Leather, Furs, Fashion Accessories and Fittings, Downs & Related products, Textile Raw Materials & Fabrics, Home Textiles, Carpets & Tapestries, Native Produce, Food, Medicines and Health Products, Disposables and dressings, Medical Devices, Cases and Bags, Shoes, Travel and Recreation Products, Office Supplies.

      Concurrent Events

      There are many concurrent events that take place at the Canton Fair. They are:

      Weaving & Home Dcor: The products that are exhibited here are garden accessories, fashion bags, garden furniture, home decoration, and Christmas decorations.
      China Pharm: Surgical and healthcare products are exhibited here.
      PTC ASIA: Products like pneumatic equipment and components, linear bearings, fasteners, linear actuators, and gears are exhibited here.
      China Shenzhen International Toys & Gifts Fair: From watches, ceramic adhesives, electronic toys, to ceramic lighting, toys and games, you’ll be enthralled by it all.
      China Banking Risk Management International Summit

      Trade Matching Activity

      For those attending the trade show, finding that perfect partner among the exhibitors and booths becomes quite a difficult task. So, to assist buyers who have different requirements and have to cope with this situation, Canton Fair now offers a “Trade Matching Activity.” This is a platform in which buyers and suppliers can negotiate face-to-face with each other.

      Future events

      Look out for the events that are to place in the near future.

      • 24th-30th November, 2010: Auto Guangzhou
      • 24th-30th November, 2010: International Automobile Exhibition-China
      • 8th-10th December, 2010: Inmex China 2010
      • 20th-22nd February, 2011: Automotive Aftermarket Industry and Tuning International Trade Fair-AAITF
      • 1st-4th March, 2011: LED CHINA-LED Application Exhibition
      • 1st-4th March, 2011: Sign China
      • 2nd-5th March, 2011: Dental South China International Expo & Conference
      • 3rd-5th March, 2011: Guangzhou Game & Amusement Exhibition (CIAE)
      • 3rd-5th March, 2011: Guangzhou Entertainment Leisure Expo
      • 3rd-5th March, 2011: Guangzhou Billiards Exhibition
      • 3rd-5th March, 2011: Fitness Guangzhou- International Fitness Fair
      • 3rd-5th March, 2011: Health and Massage China
      • 3rd-5th March, 2011: Pool & Spa & Bath China
      • 3rd-5th March, 2011: Fist Guangzhou- International Fishing Fair
      • 3rd-5th March, 2011: China Theater and Cinema
      • 3rd-5th March, 2011: Fish Guangzhou
      • 3rd-5th March, 2011: China KTV, Disco and Bar
      • 3rd-5th March, 2011: Guangzhou International Fishing Fair
      • 9th-11th March, 2011: SINO-LABEL-The China International Exhibition on Label Printing Technology
      • 9th-11th March, 2011: China Drinktec
      • 9th-12th March, 2011: Guangzhou Musical Instruments Expo
      • 9th-12th March, 2011: Pro-Sound & Lighting Guangzhou
      • 9th-12th March, 2011:China (Guangzhou) International Pro Sound & Light + Musical Instruments Expo (SLM Expo)
      • 18th-21st March, 2011: CIFF-China International Furniture Fair
      • 18th-21st March, 2011: Homedecor & Housewares China
      • 18th-21st March, 2011: China (Shanghai) International Furniture Show
      • 18th-20th March, 2011: Flowexpo China
      • 18th-21st March, 2011: Intertextile Guangzhou Home Textile
      • 18th-21st March, 2011: China International Outdoor & Leisure Products Fair
      • 26thMarch-1st April, 2011: Roof China
      • 27th-30th March, 2011: China International Office Furniture
      • 27th-30th March, 2011: Interzum Guangzhou
      • 30th March-1st April, 2011: Wooden House Guangzhou
      • 30th March-1st April, 2011: WPC Guangzhou
      • 30th March-1st April, 2011: Guangzhou International Wood-plastic Composite Fair
      • 30th March-1st April, 2011: China International Construction Machinery Exhibition - CME
      • 30th March-1st April, 2011: China International Street Furniture Exhibition
      • 3rd-5th May, 2011: Water Sport China
      • 17th-20th May, 2011: China Plas- 25th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries
      • 1st-3rd June, 2011: SHOES & LEATHER- International Exhibition on Shoes and Leather Industry
      • 2nd-4th June, 2011: China Wine & Spirits Exhibition
      • 2nd-4th June, 2011: China International Foodstuff-CIFE
      • 9th-11th June, 2011: China International Energy Congress & Exhibition
      • 30th June-2nd July, 2011: HOSFAIR Guangzhou
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      Hello to anyone attending the Canton Fair,
      My company, a foreign trade financial services provider, has its headquarters right next to the fair in the Canton Fair Tower (directly accessible from Hall C by private footbridge). It's always a pleasure for me to meet my fellow British nationals so please do feel free to get in touch without any sense of obligation! I speak Mandarin and would be happy to help out with any communication problems you might be having.
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