When the time comes to pitch your soul out to potential investors, most business owners donít put that much emphasis on it by downplaying their actual need. They mock up bland PowerPoint presentations that include the usual boring stuff. Sure, thatís great and all, but itís not enough to make them believe enough in you to write out a decent check. Investors and venture capitalists have been playing the game for years or decades. Most of them know how the system works to a tee. They just need someone more passionately involved before they feel comfortable, they need you.

Youíre human after all

I know this thing we call life is a crazy experience to some, but investors battle these thoughts too. Theyíre people just like you and me who are focusing their energy in a way that will add to society. They just want to help you help the world for decades to come. Open up your soul to them so they know who you really are. This is very important. You have to make it feel like itís a casual thing working until 5 a.m. on a Friday to complete a project deadline. Whew!

You show more results for your business

Besides the usual problems that arise when you start and finally get your business off the ground, it is pleasing for investors to know that money isnít the thing that really motivates you. During the hardest times, itís the spiritual side of things that will give you that mental boost to keep going as fast as you can.

Combining the spiritual

When youíre giving a presentation to others there are several ways to add your spiritual beliefs into your own story. Some thoughts/dreams include:

Know the customer more than they know themselves

I remember downloading this conference a couple of years ago, I watched the whole thing during the span of a few hours. To this day, I still remember how a life survivor who overcame poverty created a product to help people who were trapped in their minds. Brilliant!

Share your own story

Have the courage to share your story to others as you walk down the path to start or bring in more business. See this world as your own personal stage. Will people pay to see your performance?

You are the product

If your past experiences motivated you to develop a specialty product or gain valuable knowledge about it, mix it in when you talk about your already existing product. This is really helpful if itís a technology-driven product and/or service.

Keep it enlightening, not maddening

People donít want to see you bawl your tears out. If itís a really deep emotional experience Ė such as the passing of a loved one Ė that motivated you to start your company, check yourself to see if you have what it takes to tell the story. Gather a bunch of close friends to see how you handle yourself. You shouldnít make investors feel too uncomfortable. Being overly emotional will give off an impression that you carry too much baggage to conduct business.

To the point

Youíre past experience should be presented vigorously, but it shouldnít take it over. If you only have 5 minutes to talk, your story shouldnít take no more than a minute.

Be real, be humbleÖ

I wouldnít advise you to stretch the truth of your past. Even if you believe it to be a white lie, you might lose everything. Investors will conduct due diligence on their part. A slight deviation from the truth is enough to let them know youíre a person who canít be trusted.