The point of any business is to bring in a customer, but the point of a robust, expanding business is to bring in a customer that also brings in more customers. The way to go about this is to make sure you go the distance and create a moment that exceeds any expectation so your customers will have no other choice but to tell their family and friends.

This type of behavior is gained through a series of steps of what I call the customer appreciation program. It's never enough just to deliver what is promised. A customer appreciation program guarantees that you give something so out there you give your customers no other choice but to bring in more customers - you create a buzz worthy campaign.

The goal is to form a systematic approach to guarantee a customer is pleased, educated, mindful, and engaged. There are strategies that you can use to automate your program and help you take the necessary decisions with little cost or effort.
The program looks a bit like this:

Use strategies that allow you to evaluate the satisfaction of your customers. Use or maybe even a phone interview with new customers to help you understand what works and what does not - with the thought in mind to smooth out any sales process.

One of the most underused customer appreciation tools is the email auto responder. I am not saying you should provide a robot-like response, but often, customer service can increase by delivering tips, strategies, and tools to get more out of what you have sold them. Marketing campaigns centered on upcoming engagements and products can strengthen personal contact and offer video and live training sales in a short amount of time.

Every business must implement a review process that guarantees every customer is receiving value as promised. Usually a product or service is sold and provided as expected, but for several reasons, the customer does not even experience the full spectrum of value. By creating a method to check for and show how value is provided, you can expose much satisfaction, fix disappointing experiences, and continue to improve opportunities for more engagement.

The greatest benefit of the review process is that it establishes the rules for continued customer reeducation for up selling probability. Often customers never see the detailed nature of services offered and it is vital to show the full spectrum of how your business will help. This is usually accomplished through marketing campaigns and formal introductions to the right people.

Review your successes
After you have built a positive client meeting, you will have to make them a part of your team to share their story. Capturing their story by having them write or give a video testimonial is a great way to take the relationship another step forward and cementing loyalty.

At this level in the program you are handling customers that are fully engaged. The point here is to bring everyone together. By taking your most profitable customers and building a foundation to have them network or share common obstacles and success, you make them a part of your customer appreciation program.

The last step of the customer appreciation program is to talk to your customers as members of your own council. A certain percentage has to be seen as a review board and allowed to give their opinions on the development process. By allowing them to communicate with you side by side, you essentially build loyalty that creates something like a free marketing force.

The idea is to see each of the above steps and ask yourself how you can use the right tools, decisions, and processes that move customers from happy to euphoric.