I usually ask myself if I’ve found the secret – or something along that line – to keep on building a working business model over time. I’ve spent countless hours thinking, planning what it’ll take to make it and, most importantly, what went wrong when things didn’t happen like it should’ve.

Here are my tips to help you save the time that I spent to understand what being an entrepreneur is all about…

Be out there

The best leaders don’t hide behind a desk. I try not to work in your typical office environment – I’ve always worked on my own terms – but I also get out there and network with the people. Pretty soon it even seems like I’m a shark, always on the move, and I always carry a small notepad to write down any ideas, thoughts or feelings that I experience throughout the day.

If you’re meeting with a group of people, you’re probably going to hear some great ideas. If you don’t take notes about it, you’re barely going to remember what they said the day after. Your goal is to get out there and shake some hands, and once again, remember to listen to any problems or great ideas that’ll greatly improve your business. If you want, write down their names, numbers, and email addresses to follow up a couple of days later. That way you keep it gracious and reactive.

Love your hobbies

Starting your own thing should be a hobby because it’s going to burn a lot of calories and take some time to get it working, so you better love your hobbies. When I started my own business from a basement, I didn’t see going as far as it did. I just wanted to create something I loved to do that would cover my monthly expenses.

There wasn’t a grand scheme of things or some lifelong strategy. My name was thought up from my own personal belief that this thing called life is but a dream, a detailedream. The name felt right and had something for the reader to really think about.

In my case, building your business is something you do out of love, bringing likeminded people together and creating something that’ll change the universe for the better.

Being in business is like being an artist of reality. What you’re working with is the unknown (the future), you have to think of goals and objectives (the dream) to paint a clear picture. On the other hand, unlike your typical artwork, your business never really ends. It’ll forever change to adapt to the times.

If everybody set about bettering the lives of human beings, and actually accomplishes that, they won’t have to worry about money and they’ll have a successful business to play with.

Listen, listen, and listen some more

As a listener, you have to listen like you’ve never listened before. You must know your inner mind but there’s no sense in pushing your ideas on others without some clarity. No one, not even him has a direct control on good ideas or great advice.

It’s you as a human being who has to spread the word, listen to your fellow man, draw people out from their monotonous routine and show them. As a listener you’ve got to really praise people for the potential they really have. You shouldn’t criticize others or let your emotions get the best of you, and give credit to those for high quality work.

Human beings love when they’re being recognized for their efforts. Usually they don’t have to be told when they’re doing wrong because they already know it. If somebody doesn’t work out for the best, don’t just cast them aside. You should treat every employee like your family. Try to find another department that they’re likely to fit in with. Most of the time you’ll find specific work that caters to a specific personality.

Create uniqueness

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on your latest product, service or marketing your brand image, it’s going to be hard to start a business and keep it going long enough to turn a profit. In fact, you’ve got to really stand out in the day and age to make the slightest impact.

Study the most profitable businesses in the past 25 years. Apple, Bing, Facebook and Google, for example, all changed the way go about our daily lives and still they continue to innovate. They’re a part of the few that directs the flow of energy in this life.

As you go about building a business from nothing, the goal for the first three years is keep it going. It’s really hard to keep it working. At the start you barely have the time or money to think about saving the universe. You have to fight your daily battles to pay your monthly bills. Of course, if you don’t make it, keep in mind that most businesses go bankrupt in the first year and that you learn from that more than anything else. Don’t let it get you down. Just brush it off and keep on running.