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    1. Eric_Lau is offline

      Join Date
      Jul 2012
      2 Times in 1 Post

      High Return Rate Products Dropshipping from China

      The information below is based on my work experience as a professional dropshipping specialist, there is not explicit or implicit information that related to a certain compan/orgnization/website. It's just personal opinion.

      If your business decided to drop ship products from China,below are the products you don't want to sell because it will and just will bring problems and angry customers to your business:

      1. Replica cellphones ,with all kinds of problems, like infringement, confiscation by customs, loosing firmware, system crush, battery explosion, etc;

      2. Cheap android tablets less than 700RMB, and 700RMB is like a starting line of being just fairly good quality but with the prerequisite you didn't get ripped off on the price.

      3. Security Systems, if you buy something like a CCTV system with around 20 cameras but the price is less than 600US$, just think twice before you dropship it.You will finally find out It definitely will not turn out to be a NICE deal to you.I can vouch for that.

      4. Car DVDs/Radios with big touch screen, it might looks fancy with the design and functions. Don't let them mess with your mind. Returns for the product heavy like this, the shipping cost will claim all the profit, let alone the result of loosing customers.

      5. Lighting Product, the quality is not the problem but the shipping, all the products in this category is extremely easy to break even inside a well protected box simply because the barbaric shippers who just want to get the job done. For dropshipping customers, they usually order less than 3 pcs, so the package is light enough for the shippers to throw around in their warehouse. And when it gets in hands of your customers, it become a pile of scraps.

      6. Batteries. You know why, it's against the law to ship them. Some company are taking the odds to get away with the customs check, but finally they will get caught.

      Any questions, please reply. I would be really appreciate the admin can put my threads to the dropshipping related section of this forum. Thank you.
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    2. jkmcg is offline

      Join Date
      Aug 2012
      United States
      United States
      1 Time in 1 Post
      I have a question. What about the the computer processors from China? They will have the intel processor in an OEM computer or they say that it is an intel processor.

      Are these legal to sell as OEM models with an Intel processor?
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