The holiday season is upon us, and everyone is saving their money to go shopping. Although sales at the big chains are enticing, WholesaleForum encourages the masses to buy from local retailers as a way to celebrate the recession.

Small businesses are the heart and blood of the local community. Why? People’s money spent at regional, local businesses cycles right back into the community.

Here are some ways buying from small business helps out your local region:

Unique products
Small retailers have more room to customize their inventory to include quality and uniqueness. You’ll have a hard time finding unique products anywhere else. They give people a reason to shop within the community and offer freshness to the shopping district.

Expanding community
Small business creates a personality for the community. When you stroll into your local hardware store, for example, they will know you on a first name basis. You have a personal connection with the owner. Being remembered makes you feel important. When you walk into any local business, you can talk to them, and they talk to you.

Local employment
When you buy from small, local businesses, you are putting money into the pockets of the hard workers who are your neighbors or even friends. That money will be spent in town, creating a cycle of growth.

Benefiting other businesses
Buying at one local store may help other, regional businesses. After shopping at your favorite local store in town, you probably want to buy a couple of cappuccinos at the local coffee shop, go see a movie or have a meal at the nearest family restaurant. These businesses make the local world go round, which greatly benefits the community in general.

Community contributions
Small businesses are the entities that give back to most to local events and schools. For example, when a basketball team needs a sponsor, they talk to small businesses in the community. It’s all in the policy of good business. Even local retailers do their part for local places, from food drives to community tournaments. Therefore, by spending your money at local, small businesses, you’re helping out those same organizations.

Community character
The aesthetics of any community is very important. If you’re a growing business, that impression will be a major factor in your overall success and vitally. It gives of vibrations of calmness for the entire community. The masses have been hypnotized by brand names. When you walk into a corporate store, you don’t have a clue of what community you’re supporting. But when you take a stroll through a small business, they give you a sense of identity and belonging when you’re in the place.

Personal connections
The majority of small businesses are owned, and managed by the owner. They put a lot into building personal connections with the community. In this age, shopping is not only about the product, but also about the connection of it.

Tax help
When you buy from local stores, that money is going to help your city. You’re paying to fund your local fire departments and schools. The sales tax goes straight to the local municipality. Buying everything at a local, small business raises the tax benefit for the entire community.