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      Give More, Get More

      As small business owners, we all want to bring in more money. But, some businesses have a hard time managing cash flow, so there’s only so much that they can do. There’s always a limit to how much you can make in X amount of time, right? So, how can you bring in more money if you can’t juggle any more clients? Well, if you’re smarter than the average Joe in what you do and you have the energy to burn more calories, you can do it.

      Yes, there are ways to bring in more money with your existing clients–the same people you’re in touch with. The idea is to expand up rather than out, as I like to see it. No, there won’t be any gimmicky tricks, or special tools, or shady selling. There are simple additions to what you’re already doing that’ll make the people you serve give you more by charging just a bit more or raising the price for the next deal.

      So, without further ado, here are some ways to make more money with your existing clients:

      Include Freebies
      When you go that extra marathon in value, it feels like a really good deal. You know what I’m talking about, like those late night infomercial lines: “BUT WAIT! If you order now, you’ll not only receive…” Sure, you don’t have to sound that cheesy or tacky. But, you can package easy freebies to make it seem like the price you’re asking for is justifiable while feeling confident in charging more than you used to.

      You see other companies do this all the time:
      • Buy one, get one free.
      • Buy our product, and we’ll include all the accessories for off.
      • Sign up for a platinum membership, and we’ll give you this for free.
      • Every order after X comes with free shipping.

      You can apply the same packaged deals to your small business by offering your customers a special deal, which not only benefits you but also your customers at no additional cost. Add those extra little details to make it seem like the customer is getting a special offer. And, it should be a deal that’s out of the ordinary because you'll be giving more than the competition.

      But wait. That means more work, right? The point is to make those extra features seem like a big deal. But, in reality, it's fairly easy to accomplish. Choose simple stuff you can do while drinking coffee but that seems like a major deal for your customer. That way, with very little or no work, you can charge more than you normally would. Or, your customer will be so amazed the first time around that they’re more willing to pay more when they come back.

      So, if it barely takes any time and effort on your end, but it is a real benefit to the customer, why not create a new offer?
      • Your customers are happy because they get more bang for their buck.
      • You win because you get to charge more for going that extra mile with value.
      • You win more because it doesn't take that much time or effort to offer those additional perks.

      By packaging simple freebies, you’re increasing the odds of bringing in more money from your customers.

      Use the Right Wording
      The more enticing your offer sounds, the greater the chance that you'll bring in more money for it. Yeah, I know it's common sense. Nothing new here. But, it's still worth repeating. Why would a customer pay more if they're not entirely convinced it's worth the money?

      So, make them believe--in your marketing materials, in your conversations, over the phone, everywhere:
      • Use guaranteed rather than maybe
      • Use definitely rather than try
      • Show how you’ll save the customer time and money

      Use the right wording to make it appear like a once-in-a-lifetime deal.

      Now, I’m not saying you should lie to your customers. Instead, make it appear like you’re giving more than what they're paying for.

      If you believe in your offers, you’ll make the customer believe it, too. Don’t fall prey to doubt. Don’t be an egotistical jerk, but don’t be overly pessimistic either–keep it right in the middle.

      Save the Customer Time
      If you save the customer time, you’re likely to be paid more for it because that’s what it’s all about–convenience, saving them time so they don’t have to worry about it. Even if they could teach themselves and become experts, they’d rather pay you to do it. The more time the customer saves, the more they’ll pay. After all, why should they give you more money when they’re doing all the heavy lifting?

      Your goal as a business is to make the customer’s life easier.

      The more you focus on what you have to give to the customer and how you will make them happier, instead of offering your run-of-the-mill benefits, the more they’ll pay you for it.

      Think about that–in your writing, in your pitches, and in your work.

      You have to be ready to go that extra mile to save the customer time. Never tell them they have to do it on their own–unless it’s mandatory. And even then, never talk about it in a way that seems like it’s actual work for the customer.

      See, there are no gimmicks or scams or cons. Just easy strategies to go with what you’re already doing that’ll make your customers want to pay more.

      To summarize, you bring in more money following these simple steps:
      • Include freebies
      • Use the right wording
      • Save the customer time

      What about you? Did these steps work in your favor? Can you think of something else that has brought in more money? Feel free to post your own ideas.
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      I do agree with you. And this is also the concept of Buddist. When we help others, it always return to help ourselves. He who do business with this idea must can earn more money and help more people.
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