Often, we all sit at the computer for hours on end. Yeah, itís part of being your boss Ė writing, organizing, coordinating, projecting. On the other hand, we find out that we have no time to work on other tasks that we should be doing throughout the day.

In my case, Iím only writing, and not updating my blog. In your case, you might be making sales calls all day and never leaving your office.

Hereís some advice on how to make the best use of your time:

Mix it up

Try to set blocks of time to work on the stuff that youíre enthusiastic about. There are other things in life besides your business.

Plan for tomorrow

Right before you fall asleep you should plan for tomorrow, including your meetings and whatever else you have going on. Let the other stuff fill up the remaining part of the day.


Have something comical on your wall or place something ironic on your desk. I a trap door button next to my computer and hit it whenever someone walks in the office.

Live in the now

When the time comes to let your creative side overtake you, get rid of all the distractions by logging out of your e-mail, turning off your cell, and unplugging your Ethernet cord. My best time is usually in the morning, the time spent driving, right before I go to sleep, and in my dreams.

Get up and leave

When things are slow and there isnít much to do, just get up and leave, preferably for a medium length of time. Youíll come back to your desk with your batteries fully charged and ready to get some work done. Or, if you want to hang out at the local spot without your computer, call up some friends for a casual lunch.


In order to complete your latest project, you must focus on the work at hand, and stay away from Facebook.


When your lunch break comes around, get up and get out. Walk outside and eat at a fun place. Take a magazine with you to occupy your time if thatís your thing.


This seems to happen to me and Iíve noticed the same thing with other people. I never really have the right amount of time to do everything I want, so I make time based on what my business plan is all about.

Break away

Always break away from long periods of work time. Get out of your chair and stretch when itís break time, eat an apple and have a cup of coffee.