How you talk to the people speaks volumes about your brand, your principles, and way of life in easily understood terms, using the friend speak your customers can relate to. Always present in a tone thatís friendly, personable, real, and from the soul. Forget about the trendy, corporate words, and other terms that make you sound like a sellout.

We all know what Iím talking about, right? After all, arenít we human, too? And the same goes for our customers, correct?

But, to my surprise, itís the most overlooked category to reach out to your target audience. The point is to design marketable materials Ė company website, blogs, Facebook fan pages, Twitter pages and so on Ė that feels real to another human being, not like a team of robotic sounding suits.

Whatís the point of all this? Commerce consists of people, not faceless numbers. Always write with a natural flow from the soul. In other words, talk in a way that is simple, straight to the point with your potential customers. Iím avoiding the use of ďgenuineĒ in this post, because itís kind of a clichťd, amorphous term that has lost its meaning. Even so, your company will sound from the heart, because real people who have been there run it.

Thereís also one more plus when sounding this way, too, especially if your just starting your own business: Itís easier for you as an owner to talk about your company, presenting your own viewpoint based on your companyís vision when you talk from your heart Ė when you speak to another soul instead of a suit.

It doesnít matter if youíre even selling to other business; youíre still dealing with other people. Even though youíre mass marketing to thousands of people, remember youíre speaking to your best friend in particular.

So whatís the best way to go about speaking in terms that are loved by all? Here are some pointers to help you come off as a real company:

Write for people, not professionals

When you start thinking about trying to appeal to professionals, stop and reevaluate your plan. If you
donít the corporate jargon starts to spew out like a corporate wise guy. You wonít appeal to regular folks when you speak in a tone like that.

Relax your words

Your tone should come off as cool, calm, and collected.

Let your results speak for you

Write about your accomplishments. Let people know how your products and/or services are beneficial in their daily lives, how theyíll better it in every way possible. Let them know how your company adds to society, not just talking about product features.

Be friendly

Always write your blogs in a friendly tone, for example, constantly telling yourself this is going to be read by your best friend.

Break down barriers

Forget about what you were taught in school, you can begin sentences with and, because, but and so.

Add widely known expressions

Itíll create a feeling of familiarity and empathy towards you.