You might be looking for new markets to conquer, new clients, and new opportunities to grow your operations overseas. Would not you love to find all the necessary information that is related to your current business needs in one spot? How about conducting your own data mining using a simple method? How about saving your business thousands of dollars in researching fees?

If you agree with these questions, then STAT-USA is your answer. It's a part of the National Trade Data Bank, rated as the best source of raw data and finding new business opportunities.

The National Trade Data Bank [NTDB]
The National Trade Data Bank gathers all types of data from the federal government for use in a single location. It's fairly reasonable, helpful, and a priceless tool for all from the amateur researching market trends to the highly experienced professional spotting trends and establishing new contacts.

The NTDB aggregates the latest economic and international data from over 20 different federal agencies, private organizations and countless academic institutions and offers it in an easily understood format. The subscription fee is well worth its weight in gold as you are given a wealth of valuable information.

The NTDB Data
A few of the rich features available from the NTDB that you will use are:
  • Daily leads from government sources and private tenders to help you spot upcoming market trends and potential partnerships.
  • Past leads to keep an eye on the market trends over a certain amount of time.
  • All types of market research reports are available ranging from precise profiles of international market conditions and heavily analyzed industry subdivisions to well-crafted overviews for conducting business in over 120 countries.
It even allows you to register your own company online, search for possible partners and even perform counter intelligence on the competition.

Exporters and the NTDB
Let's say a highly skilled marketing manager of a prosperous manufacturer that exports to over 60 countries says that he always printing out the latest guides whenever he heads abroad to a new market. The NTDB is, at least for this specific reason, the quick and simple way to get the needed information to arrive at your destination well equipped to conduct business.

When you take your company on the road, try to prepare a briefing book for each of your clients using the information from the NTDB. You should customize it into notebooks by including the commercial guides and the related sector analysis and many other types of reports.
Get the help you need

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