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      Customer Service Experience | Operations | Customer Relations

      I was thinking about customer service the other day, so I wrote down a some ideas that explains the fundamentals of it all.

      A fish rots from the head
      The ownerís perception of customer service influences the quality of service that a business offers. If the owner believes his customers are a nuisance, his company will offer a horrible service. If the owner believes his customers are precious assets, he will offer extraordinary service. Itís that simple.

      Customer Control
      When you allow your employees to let the customer take control of things, it's the best type of customer service around. It will require two factors:
      • Trusting your customers to come up with a reasonable solution for their own problems.
      • Trusting your employees to make critical decisions.
      You must jump over these two hurdles, then the quality of your customer service will grow beyond your wildest dreams.

      Responsibility is a must
      If you take responsibility for your actions you will earn a righteous customer-service reputation, since you admitted that the problem is your mistake and your duty to fix. Everyone knows that stuff happens, but it's really irritating when you deny the mistake and responsibility.

      Fix the problem
      The point is to fix the problem so that the customer is never irritated again.

      Stay hopeful
      Among the basic arguments for lousy service is "What if everyone tried to take advantage of my business?" The worst case is that there will be scammers, but in general people are fair.

      Employ the perfect people
      The perfect customer-service agent enjoys helping people and solving their problems. It's your responsibility to employ the ideal candidates for the job, since it's a bad combination for your employee and the customer when you hire unskilled workers.

      Understate wait times
      The point of it all is to exceed the expectations of a customer. For instance, the next time you have your customers waiting in line, you must let them know how long they'll have to wait. When you get to them in a shorter amount of time, they're happy.

      Customer service = reputation
      Your customer service department deals with irritated people when something doesn't go right, or when a question needs to be answered. The quality of customer service will equal your company's reputation, so you must consider it a money tree than a required expense.

      Sell to buyers only
      When your customers call for support, they do not want to hear any type of sales pitch. If you try to sell them something, you risk losing them as a customer, so you don't ask customers to hand out more money to fix the problem that they see as your company's fault. And don't even consider offering them more bad products as a bribe to keep their business.

      Go with the flow
      You've probably called a couple of companies and you were sure the rep is reading a script that is clumsy and not personal at all. This means you have to uphold high standards for basic operating protocols for the usual things, like cancellations and returns, but never train your representatives to use a script.

      Callback System
      A couple of companies use a callback system which offers the ability of calling the customer back at a certain time instead of making them wait on hold.

      Update your customers
      Keep your customers updated so they never ask you what you're doing. Let them know what you're doing when looking up their account or solving a problem. Go even further, you can post the latest news right on your site, so customers never call to figure out what's going on.

      Customers must feel important
      If a customer offers their opinion, the rep should write it down and let the customer know about it. Customers are generally disappointed when they call customer service, so try to exceed their expectations.

      The remarkable thing about customer service is that it determines your company's reputation, but companies spend so little on it comparted to marketing and sales. Now you know what it takes, how to do it, and how easy it is to do, so there's no excuse at all for horrible customer service.
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      I love this post! It defines what I have thought all along. Customers are key and we need to make them happy and feel important. Right now it's me and my wife doing the customer service. So far so good. I am hoping that I can make a go of the business and then I'll need to hire new people.
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