I know we spend a lot of time in our offices that we forget to pay attention to the details. Iím not talking about a clean desk; Iím talking about the finer details that make our workplace fun. Weíre more productive when our environment isnít bland and tiresome. Entrepreneurs are inspirational and creative beings, so our offices should reflect that energy, too. Here are some simple ways to push this type of work.

Stay connected
If you have a window in your office, make sure you face it from your desk. Taking a gander out the window is not only a mental booster, but it keeps your mind out of that boxed in feeling. If you donít have a window, add a couple of plants, pictures, pets, or some grassÖ

Keep it arty
Paintings, posters, pictures, or statues you like will pump up your creative instincts. You should surround yourself with creative things in your office, even if itís just an object on the wall.

Keep it playful
I love gadgets. Just looking at them makes me all tingly, so I keep them near me 24/7. For you, it might be cars or bikes. The point is that it doesnít matter, if it makes you truly happy, it will heighten your spirits at work.

Use fun office supplies
The usual items donít have to be so bland. Your goal is to make meetings and note-taking something you want to do. Use office supplies that are techy and FUN to use while you are hard at work.

The world is your idea
It doesnít matter what you specialize in, sometimes youíll have to write down that one in a billion idea Ė even if its scribbles, thought directories, abstract concepts or simple notes. So devote a special place for this. It could be a plain whiteboard, sticky note, journal or your wall. Having a place devoted to your ideas creates a logic loop of even better ideas and even solves your problems much faster!

Chaos and order
Your best ideas can spring from total silence, other times they manifest from a chaotic environment. Itís not the same path, but know thyself to get a better understanding of the things that are unseen.

What do you find to be the most encouraging in your environment?