Is it that hard to really understand? Maybe for some, but the majority of businesses out there know that if they need any kind of presence on the net Ė even a blogóthey have to offer some hard hitting, persuasive content to bring the people in. A simple, corporate website doesnít work in todayís digital age, which means new businesses have to adapt to the change as well as being aware of their own industry.

I believe businesses know why content is important, but they have a really hard time creating it. They donít know whatíll meet the needs of their customers. They donít know how to properly speak to them. What should they say? This is how it should be done:

Social media is mandatory

Finishing up your marketing plan before you even have enough content is like building the store before opening the doors. You need to know what youíre all about, and how to convey that message, before you actually say it the masses. You want something for the people to talk about, feel for, and to share the experience with their social networks. Your social media campaign should feel more like a weekend party, to have the people in the know to speak volumes for you. A party only gets better when you add more tricks and treats to it. That is how your content should vibrate with your audience.

If thatís too much of a metaphor for you to fully understand, talk to your people by presenting them straight-to-the-point, undeniable numbers. Most businesses nowadays are using content as a foundation for their marketing strategies. Why is that? It brings in more website visitors than no content.

Keep it casual

The way to go about communicating with your audience is to keep it casually friendly. This digital age demands a writing style that is quick, since we live in a quick time. Also, you have to have respect for your own marketing or business style overall. Itís a balance between both worlds that helps you evolve your thinking for the best.

Tweet it

Even though thereís not a universally accepted style, but with that said, an ideal tweet is something that catches the readerís attention. It conveys a perception, explains their viewpoint with value, and motivates the reader to learn more, because what ifs drive us as human beings.

Blog it

I know companies are eager to speak volumes about their products and/or services, but your audience only wants to hear how youíll solve their problems. Keep it subtle, but memorable. The ideal blog post is to inform, teach. Itís written in a way that their friends speak to them. In simple terms, teach, solve their problems, satisfy their need, and build a relationship. Plus, itís pretty cool to entertain your audience with a random, meme-filled post, just to keep them on their toes.

Update it

Remember the party metaphor I was talking about earlier in the post? The same goes with updating your Facebook status: Give them something that sparks conversation and provides repertoire with your audience, and gets them producing their own version of your content on their own.

Quality content is SEO

Your goal as a business in the digital age is to produce high-quality content that will rank your site higher in Google. There are not secret tricks to great SEO strategies, just update your website with valuable content. Write for people, not Google. Thatí the real secret.

Hire great writers

The best writers will boost your search engine ranking to first page, but a highly tweaked website with no valuable content doesnít even make sense to real people after Google links them to you. Itís like equipping your military with the latest tech only to find out that you have no budget for artillery. Whatís the point?