I came up with a list of ideas that anyone can apply in their daily life to be more inventive, groundbreaking, and eventually successful, and here’s what I have so far:

Dream some more.
When the responsibility of reinventing your business rests on your shoulders, I say dream some more. You have to build beyond what your brain shows you and that, I believe, will make all the difference.

You are an innovator.
You have to find new ways that’ll change everything for the better. Everybody can do it, even on the smallest levels. It’s a force that’s beyond product branding. It doesn’t matter if you’re fighting hard times to stay afloat; you always have to see what you’re doing as something that will change the collective mind.

Memorize your message.
You can come up with a universal changing idea, but if you can’t get the ears to hear it, does it even exist in the first place? Your presentations must educate, update and amuse the people.

Stay with your love.
I believe you should keep a regular, easy job until you find something that you’re truly passionate about. You must have faith fueled by passion to follow your spirit. You have to find your love. If you don’t understand this message, keep looking. Never settle for anything less. You cannot change world unless your soul becomes the future.

Create memorable experiences.
You have to move customer service beyond its boundaries. Your overall mission is not to move product but to move lives. Begin building life and watch your bank account grow.

The universe is at your command.
Your passion is the energy that keeps moving you into the unknown to make it known. When you see a demonstration of a rudimentary, beta prototype of whatever your project is, you must realize that it’s part of the plan that will change the lives of everyday people.

Simplicity is sophistication.
You have to be absolutely obsessed about developing a solution that is beyond simple, because our reality demands clarity. When you create a product that is easily understood by a one-year old you know you have made your mark.

Turbocharge your brain.
Creativity is all about piecing everything together. A creative person spends their entire life seeking new and exciting experiences; studying history, travelling the world, seeing how things are made at the factory or living the customer experience at five star establishments. You’re not “stealing” as much as you’re “applying” ideas from the best of the best. Expand your consciousness with new thoughts beyond your measly five senses.

Learn to say no.
Throw away the negative stuff and focus on the rest. This is the best advice you’ll ever receive.
Maybe dreaming more is the biggest lesson you can learn from this post. You have to be crazy about your genius. Have faith in yourself and your vision, and live to die for those beliefs. And never forget about it.