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      Business Reputation Management

      I know you know the obvious mistakes, but there are other minor mistakes you might be doing that hurts your business and your ability to land new clients. But first things first, I want to make something clear.

      Your problem is not that you are having a hard time now. That is expected. It's the natural flow of things for your business and every experienced owner knows it. Yeah, businesses lose money or slow down here and there. There is nothing to be ashamed about, you just have to keep doing what you are doing.

      The fault happens when it seems like everything is going great. I am not advocating lies and suggesting you say that business is great when it's obviously not. (Actually, do not ever lie. That is just hurting your reputation in a big way.) But (and this is actually true if you own a service business) does not make it seem like you are facing hard times. People will not pay a consultant with plenty of free time on their hands. In the back of customer's mind is the thought of a consultant who is not preoccupied with work, so they must not be that great. So you cannot seem too willing, or that you have too much time in your schedule.

      It does not matter how eager you are for customers, you must control your actions. People will recognize desperation and either forget about you or try to take advantage of your situation. Both are not that good for you (business and psyche).

      So what should you do? I offer three tips to keep you strong no matter how bad your business is doing.

      Keep on marketing
      This is a perfect time to boost your marketing strategy. You have all the time in the world, why not write more articles so you have them squirreled away when things pick up again. Now is also a good time to start a promotion, but do not say it's because business is bad. Find another way of doing the same thing (for example, try a "back to school" offer, now that the kiddies are in class you have some extra time to tackle a couple of new clients.) Try focusing your promotion around a product or a group buy. (Having a promotion centered on your product does not hold the same stigma of hawking your warez.)

      Never picking up the phone
      Yep, you heard right. You either let voice mail pick up the calls or have your virtual assistant return your calls. Busy people never sit by the phone hoping it will ring. You have to take the expectation of calls off your mind and focus on marketing to more customers.

      Never lowering your fees
      It's not your fees that are the problem. It's something else that is the root cause of it. You are not marketing enough, your target audience is not the right audience, or you have to tweak your offers. But once you start lowering your fees or lose faith in yourself, that is the moment you will walk down a vicious cycle of defeat.

      Now, I do not imply that you cannot put together a reasonably priced package and market it. That is great and it is a wise business decision, but to bring down your hourly rate - not good all.
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      shauki2u (07 Feb 2011)

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      Your theory is correct, given me a lot of inspiration.
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      I am now in procurement consultation business, and I really appreciate these tips, thank you so much.

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      SOURCING AGENT IN CHINA (24 Feb 2011)

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