Theres a certain group of people who are responsible for your success. I like to call them my dream team. They are dedicated in the purest form of it they have the mindset to make you a winner, and therefore bask in the recognition and respect they deserve. Your dream team will fight half the battle you are working so hard for.

In sports, a top performer is usually seen as a separate entity from the rest of the team, known for talent and skill that outperforms individual achievement. But, your dream team can include anybody of influence and the people who work for you.

Bear in mind: your success will depend on the people you employ and serve. The power moves people make is the thing that makes it happen. Your dream team consists of human beings; blood and bones; hearts and minds. If you show them respect, you will add to the impact they provide: there conscious decision to bring in more results from an unknown future.

Who are the people of a dream team and what do they bring to the court?
  • Theyre the people who wax poetic about your great business and bring in customers from all over the place.
  • There the thinkers who brainstorm with you and help solve the challenges of your hardest conundrums.
  • There the innovators who provide fresh ideas for new or existing products and/or services.
  • Theyre the leaders who remember being in your situation years ago and can offer time-saving advice so you can beat the competition faster.
  • Theyre the people who can work together to break new ground, open up access to new communities, and increase your marketability in the world.
  • Theyre the competition who moves the marketplace forward, critics who point out your flaws, and help you to become a better business by challenging and taunting you.
  • And, last but not least, theyre the customers who pay and vote on how they want you to do a better job.
Sometimes your dream team will appear out of nowhere. Theres a slight chance you wont even meet them. Instead, youll hear people talking about them outside of your own business network. When youre achievements fly faster than the speed of light, greatly outperforming you, this is the case. However, this doesnt mean you should forget about the need for recognition to players of your dream team.

Find some quiet time to go through the list above and jot down some names. Dont just scribble down their title. Theyre much more than that and recognize the individual who goes the extra marathon. When you take a look at your list you should have a couple of names so you can look at each persons unique assets, personality, situation, work ethic and pet peeves.

Motivate Your Dream Team
Most people on dream teams are motivated by being a part of something special. By that, I mean theyre doing nothing until you come along and ask them to be a part of your next big project. If you give them an opportunity to contribute to something significant to them, youll see someone who appears boring and motionless suddenly jump up and become enthused. The reason for this is that people are stuck in tedious, uninteresting work or situations that have drained them down. Giving them a chance to give more and get more out of their line of work will awaken a sleeping giant.

The rest of the people on your dream team are naturally high performers and love to work on new ideas because its encoded into their DNA. They absorb whatever seems logical, anything that pushes the boundaries, or anything thats a personal cause they believe in.

If you want to meet the people who are dream team material, hang out where they hang out, write for websites they read, and spread the word through your social networks about your desire to talk to them. If you already know who they are, personally invite them to lunch or dinner.

Once you get a couple of people who want to help you out, you must give them all the tools and resources they need in order to succeed. Just like the tools a construction crew needs to build a skyscraper, your dream team needs talent, information and connections to make their work outperform the rest. Do everything in your power to give them the best you have to offer so they can make a substantial difference in your success.