Blogging can turn your business around in a heartbeat. Without the constant stream of fresh content, a company can come off as boring and out of the loop. A highly focused blog can give your business an energetic voice, character and build brand recognition.

The universe of blogging isnt a playground for part-time writers, a political nerd or a spiritual being. Instead, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and international brands have become part of the blogosphere because they know they have to be more engaging and omni-dimensional.

Maintaining a blog is a smart move for new and small businesses. It gives them the power to try new philosophies, build credibility, and gain a massive following.

Blogging should play a huge part in your business model and your overall vision. Your plan is to blog first and be remembered before you can officially call yourself a company.

Here are some tips along with a couple of suggestions to help your business start its own blog.

Host it

Theres Tumblr and Wordpress as well as thousands of others. I found my own voice with, which I highly recommend because of their customer service reps who go beyond the call of duty. This host will make it easy for you to maintain your blog.

Once you feel out different platforms, just think of a niche and start blogging about it. After you get into your flow of things, youll want to buy your own domain name and register a matching Twitter account to really build an internet presence. With a blog, youre in control and you can create whatever you want to let people know what youre all about and what your company does.

Play with Tumblr

Youll see all types of posts on Tumblr and then you read an article about that post two weeks later in the San Francisco Chronicle. The folks on Tumblr were ahead of the social trends and laying claim to finding it out and spreading it to the masses. Its a pretty neat place to spark conversation.

Maintain consistency

Whether its your own voice, someone else in your organization, groups of people, or a contracted freelancer, make sure they present a clear, concise, and straight to the point. Having different people blog in their own voice confuses your dedicated readers.

Test and put into practice

Use your blog to test new ideas and put them into practice through your content and see how much traffic it generates. Youll be able to tell what works and what doesnt work through your posts and the tone of the comments.

Blogs bring in investors

People will see your company in a different light because of the presence it conveys. They see that youve been at it consistently since the beginning of the year and with enthusiasm. Theyll see who you are and where youre coming from before theyll meet with you.

Create buzz and an audience

Establishing an internet presence is the way forward. By blogging about your industry and having their attention, youll build a following before you even start to conduct business.

Blogs get the people talking

Your audience would like to know what goes on behind the scenes of their favorite blogs. A blog will serve as a hub for your community to connect with each other. It will serve as a tool within your industry.

Make it routine

That way, when you finally get everything going, youre already in the habit of posting that fits into your daily schedule. With the tone of your voice cemented in the minds of your readers, it will seem natural and quick to publish topics that market your company.