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      Best Places for Business Meetings

      You can’t connect with clients by bringing them to a bland room with nothing but a desk, laptop and a couple of worn out chairs, so why keep it that way? Come up with new ideas, solve the difficult problems, get to know new people and share your passion in . When it comes to deciding which office you meet at, you should answer “neither.” Encourage yourself and the clients you meet by going somewhere fun and memorable!

      If you need the focus, there are several spots to churn out creative thoughts without feeling trapped within four walls.

      Urban Oasis
      A park bench with a view or loungers at the beach sets a soothing tone that keeps you on point and lets you center on the business at hand.

      A really cool café with a great patio takes the professional meeting and makes it feel more natural.


      Gardens are ideal if you want to walk and talk—the green scenery gets rid of any anxiety or creative blocks.

      Places with visual appeal

      Hotels with a professional layout and artwork will spark innovative thought. Poolside talks work as an option that can stir up your perspective. Meeting places designed not to feel like work gives you the best bang for your buck—a peaceful indoor place that welcomes your gadgets but also throws off a spectacular look to ease your mind.

      Hotel Bars

      If you’re going to a meeting for a quick exchange of the latest information while on the run, you should head to a hotel bar… but not your average hotel bar. Hotel bars are pretty active when it comes to business, so if you want to be right smack in the middle of it, that’s the place to meet. If you’re spending a night or two at the hotel, it might be better to reserve a suite to hold your meeting if it’s fitting.

      Airport Lounges

      If everyone is scampering around, an airport lounge would be a relaxing and casual meeting place. You also have the amenities and a sense of class… but minutes from the important flights you have to catch.
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      I love the pictures. I wish my business was big enough and doing well enough to have the funds to be able to get some places like this for our business meetings. I have to admit that I don't have too many business meetings, mostly everything is done over the phone or the computer. I have gone to a few of my customers company headquarters to make deals.
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    3. WholesaleForum's Avatar
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      Renting a meeting room at a fancy hotel or a meeting area within a trendy cafe is not expensive and can still give your business the professional image you may require, at a bargain price. There are also companies who specialise in offering meeting room services, for example: Welcome to Regus Meeting Rooms

      Simply search meeting room in google or bing: meeting room - Bing

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