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      Benefits of Repeat Customers

      Working for yourself is pretty hard. Not only do you have to be highly skilled at what you do, you also have to be able to market your services and continue to operate your business. Brining in new clients is a lot of work and it takes up a lot of your time. After youíve brought in a new client, keeping them as a long-term client is highly profitable for your business.

      Established or repeat clients can come out of nowhere. Maybe youíve worked for someone a couple of years ago and they gave you rang because they need a new design for their site. Or maybe they need monthly updates and theyíre paying you for that work plus your standard rate of designing their site.

      Thanks to friendly content management systems, you donít have to make tedious updates and other simple additions to your clientís sites, but they still need someone to make other intricate adjustments on a regular basis or some other point in time in the near future. I hope this information in this post will help you bring in more business for your own survival.

      Why is this important?

      Better use of project time

      Long-term relationships give you the ability to complete projects in a short amount of time. Clients donít have to ask around to find the right person for the job, itís only a quick call to explain the work to you and most of the time it can be completed in a couple of days. This type of scheduling is better for both you and your client.

      More work, less searching

      In other words, all the energy to bring in new business costs more than keeping your existing client base. If you have a loyal client who constantly asks you to work on their latest project, all that time spent working will be adding to your bank account. Drumming up new business requires you to talk to potentials about their own business, type of work involved, and how much you can help them out. Most of the time youíll have to actually work on something just to give them an accurate quote, even before you actually see any dollar bills.

      Loyal clients give you more room to focus on improving your overall service instead of seeking out new business. Most business owners like to actually work on something instead of trying to sell their product/service, and thatís why long-term clients are ideal.

      Each client is more valuable

      When you keep someone coming back again and again theyíre going to be an asset instead of your run-of-the-mill client who wants something simple and then you never hear from them again. If you always work with the same person all the time, youíre going to have a higher chance of actually solving whatever problem theyíre facing. Helping them achieve their goals will bring in more referrals, bettering your reputation, and giving you a priceless experience that improves your decision-making process. Finding new ways to retain your existing client base is much more profitable than pitching yourself to new prospects.

      Constant flow of money

      Most small business owners struggle to keep the money flowing in. there will always be times when itís low, but working with your long-term clients will help ease those hard times and lower your overall risk. If you have a hard time finding new business, be thankful you have at least a few clients who bring in business.
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      I have read this article about Benefits of Repeat Customers and i have learnt a lot from it. Indeed customers retaining is one of the major factor in the market share of particular product . The strategy should so refined and customer friendly that would make the customer permanent buyer of your product.
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