Dear Fellow members,

Hi my name is Manish and I am director of a UK registered company called NEO-VEDA Limited. We have recently developed a new range of skincare products which we are looking to sell and promote into UK market and as a result I came across this forum and was pretty much impressed with the content here. WE ARE LOOKING DISTRIBUTORS AND PROMOTERS who can help us placing our products in UK market and I believe this forum can help me to find them. Below is a small introduction about my company.

NEO-VEDA is a unique range of beauty products, made using the highest quality, organic, ethically sourced, natural ingredients.

Founded in 2010, following years of meticulous research, we have worked closely with highly qualified and trained beauty specialists to develop a range of personal care natural beauty products.

Currently, the NEO-VEDA product range includes: Revitalizing Exfoliant, Enriching Moisturiser, Alluring Day Cream, Mesmerizing Night Cream, Tantalizing Hand Cream and Under Eye Cream. Along with specially selected essential oils and extracts, we use Aloe Vera and Shea Butter in all of our products to give intensely moisturised, nourished and healthy skin.

The basis of all our formulations is sourced from ancient literature from around the world. Our efforts focus on dispensing this ancient knowledge to mankind, in the most novel form, by blending diverse, natural herbs, oils and butters.

For furthermore information you can contact me at *Visible to qualifying WF members only*