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    1. ollie9009 is offline

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      Jun 2015
      United Kingdom
      United Kingdom
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      Newbie to Online Retail Business - Needs Info on Additional Tax Licenses

      We are in the process of incorporating a business in Wyoming and we are pending FEIN from the IRS.

      We are an online retailer that will use drop shipping for all of the products listed on our website. Therefore we will not hold stock, instead the shipment details are forwarded to the manufacturer or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

      We will only sell to U.S. citizens and all of the wholesalers/manufacturers we deal with will be based in the U.S. (therefore there will be no importing or exporting of products).

      We want to make sure we have the proper licenses prior to launching - therefore, with the above setup, do we need any additional tax licenses, for example;

      Sales & Use tax license
      Sales Tax Exemption Certificate
      Reseller ID

      Many thanks,

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    2. MissWholesale's Avatar
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      Mar 2012
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      United Kingdom
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      Hi Ollie,

      Welcome to Wholesale Forum

      The types of licenses an online business needs vary depending on your state and the products you intend to sell. The most common ones include City or County Licenses, State Licenses and Sales Tax Licenses. Several US states have chosen not to impose any sales tax at the state level and most states exempt certain items from sales tax. Hence requirements for a sales tax license also vary by state. Before you open your doors to customers, be sure you've done the essential paperwork and investigation on licenses and permits you require. If you have any unusual circumstances or need further information on attaining retailing licenses and permits, consider consulting a business lawyer.

      Hope this helps
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