A brief introduction: I have no experience in business; I have only started researching the terms now so pardon my ignorance. I will begin operations in 2013.

After sending out e-mails left and right to various overseas agents, I also want to meet them as a filter to determine the right agent for my needs. Every time I search in Google about tax laws on plane ticket write-offs, I end up with IRS information (USA). However, I live in Canada and I want to confirm that the CRA (Canada) shares similar laws.

The CRA website claims that I can write off plane ticket tax for business trips, but not the conditions or how much tax can be written off. I do not imagine that 100% of the tax can be written off and I want to make sure that I meet all requirements and conditions to qualify for the write-off.

Who do I consult about this? I don't have an accountant currently. I do my own personal taxes and I plan to do my own business taxes when it comes to that.