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    1. dealsrus's Avatar
      dealsrus is offline

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      Oct 2010
      United States
      United States
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      Adult website hosting - Where can I host my adult merchandise business

      I am planning on putting up a website to sell womenís lingerie but have heard there may be difficulty in hosting it. Is anyone familiar with this? Anybody have any referrals of hosting companies?
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    2. Bill1357's Avatar
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      Jul 2010
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      United States
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      There are indeed adult hosting sites and non-adult hosting sites. Besides child pornography, you really do not have to be overly concerned about the content itself. The important thing is to read the Terms and Conditions of the host.

      Take a look here at HostGatorís TOCís regarding Legal and Acceptable Content. I recommend them by the way. Though my content is not adult oriented I have almost 100 sites with them.

      ē Legal and Acceptable Content ę HostGator.com Support Portal

      If you have a lot of images and a lot of visitors, you probably generate a lot of bandwidth and require a lot of diskspace. There comes a point where you may want a dedicated server as compared to a shared server but do start out with a shared server plan. However, if and when you do go to a dedicated server, make sure it is fully managed.

      Here are a few other adult hosting providers.

      ē Adult Web Hosting Virtual Dedicated Colocation Streaming XXX Web Design Templates

      ē Adult Hosting, Adult Web Hosting, Adult Website Hosting - CirtexHosting

      ē Adult Hosting | Adult Web Hosting | Adult Website Hosting | Adult Unlimited Hosting | Adult Unlimited Web Hosting | Adult Reseller Hosting | Adult Dedicated Server Hosting | Adult FFmpeg Hosting | Adult Tube Site Hosting Ė Naked Hosting.

      The same general questions about diskspace, bandwidth, dedicated or shared server apply to the ecommerce portion of your website as well. There are numerous hosting companies, you just have to start shopping all the sites to find the best fit.
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    3. botonakis is offline

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      Oct 2011
      0 Times in 0 Posts
      Shared hosting at Fasthosts. They don't have problem with it.
      Or buy a small VPS server (Virtual Private Server) for a price 20-30$ per month and host whatever you want.

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